I have been travelling to remote valleys in the Himalayas at least once a year over the past 30 years and have been inspired constantly by the grandeur and beauty, At the same time I have been observing the disappearance of cultures and the intangible cultural heritage in this region. Having visited a large part of the Himalayas in India, Nepal, Bhutan and China, I wish to share my impressions with you.

Owing to globalization and modern media, the cultural identity of the minorities and tribes in this region is disappearing rapidly and owing to global warming, entire landscapes are changing. Glaciers are receding most rapidly in the Himalayan region, causing water shortage and the abandonment of villages. I have tried to capture these rare cultures in my photography as they will disappear very soon.

My travels and photography are also a source of inspiration and energy for my compositions and for me as a whole. I have time for contemplation and inner peace and can constantly better my priorities in life. In the context of this overwhelming dimension of nature one can feel ones minuteness. For my own inner balance, I need this contrast to my work as a conductor in which I am always having to take decisions or having to give directions to all around me. Here I am shown that my ego in the material world has absolutely no importance.