I was born in Lucknow in India and have been living in Austria since 1987. Before I began my music studies in Austria, I completed a business degree as well as studies in Indian percussion (tabla) and Indian classical dance (kathak) in India. My studies in conducting, composition and voice in Austria have further shaped my artistic career. Originally I wanted to be a composer, but was active mainly as a conductor over the past years. After a long experience and some detours I am now convinced that the activities of an orchestra conductor, a choral conductor and a composer are complementary and promote an overall musical development. This was true till the middle of the 20th century.  Unfortunately, they became diversified, thereafter. To me it was always difficult trying to classify myself in one field or the other. Today, I view the distinction as an enrichment of my learning process and career. Therefore, I took time off and have written my first symphony. To be able to focus with only paper and pencil for hundreds of hours in these fast paced times was a personal success for me.

I like to photograph and visit the Himalayas every year. One day I would like to publish a book with my photography which depicts the infinitesimal self-engrossed human being compared to might of overwhelming nature. In addition, I also like to use my organisational skills especially in the inter-cultural field.